I use the creative process as a way to understand the world and what's happening in my environment. Whether I am making a sculpture, performance, video or installation, the conception of a piece is always a learning experience. Art production allows me to make unfamiliar connections, and I adapt to the shape that my materials and resources take on. I also end up incorporating a lot of mistakes into my work. Sometimes these mistakes become the strongest element in a work, or they lead me to a new idea.

Collaborating with other creatives is also very important in my practice. The dialogue and actions other artists bring to a project helps to expand my understanding of what's possible. 

I think when people create things with their hands and manipulate physical material, it changes their relationship to their surroundings. In our modern day society, the constant consumption of advertisements and manufactured products is inescapable, but the ability to generate one's own ideas and objects can be an engaging recourse. Through this process, I end up discovering things I wasn't aware of before.